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Curb Shapers is looking for an experienced or retired concrete personnel to become a sales rep for curbshapers Inc.. You will be compensated up to $800 for each and every unit sold with the opportunity to create a sales region for yourself and promote sales reps under you. This is an exciting and new process for curb and gutter and has the potential for a comfortable source of revenue. You would be required to set up appointments with contractors to demonstrate and sell the unit. You would also have the ability to hire sales reps under yourself to promote even more sales and generating even more income for yourself. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with Curb Shapers, please give Doug Weber (Owner & Inventor) a call at 877-633-0893 or call him on his cell at 479-721-5674. He is the owner of DJ Weber Concrete Construction Inc. and has been in the concrete business for 40 + years.

Douglas J. Weber (Owner)
4404 NE Hudson Road
Rogers, AR 72756

877-633-0893 (Phone)
479-633-0835 (Fax)
479-721-5674 (Cell)

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