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Curb Shaper
My name is Doug Weber. I have been in the business doing concrete curbing since 1968. I am 63 years old now and the only thing I know for sure is concrete work will make an old man out of you.

The Curb Shaper is a curbing shaping machine designed to take some of the back work out of hand formed curb, while giving you the exact same quality shape time after time.
This piece of curb shaping equipment was designed to work without any special accommodations in the form work. The wheel that rides on the back of the curb side is only a half an inch wide which allows you to go around half inch masonry forms for radius work and the stakes can still be above the curb. The wheels that ride on the gutter side have an adjustment that can be used while operating to allow for variations in form work.
Curb Shaper
We found the best way to use the tool is to pour around a 3″ slump, stack the concrete about 10″ to 12″ wide, flatten and edge the top making sure you are level or even slightly downhill to the gutter side. Edging it helps keep build up of cement on curb shaper. A flat surface makes it easy for the operator to run the machine level. The roller tool head plows through the cement, traps the mud and does a better job of sealing the curb while the mud on the outside makes it easy to keep the wheel against the form.

Curb Shaper is basically designed for 24″ curb and gutter, but has adjustments up to 2 1/2″ either direction that can be adjusted while in use to take care of variations in form work. By removing the all thread adjustment pin, you can turn the sliding under carriage around and put the wheels on the other side of the bracket which allows you to go to a 18″ curb and gutter with the same 2 1/2″ adjustment capability.

The curb roller comes with an extra set of wheels to make hauling it or moving it easy. But this bracket serves two purposes. When doing a monolithic curb, remove the wheels from the carriage and bolt on the adjustable bracket to fit your needs. It adjusts all the way to sub-grade if no reinforcements are used to chaired rebar in which case we merely hop scotch boards laying flat ahead of the machine.

Curb Shaper also has handle grips on either side to make turning corners and getting started quick and easy. The best thing about this curb rolling tool is you can adjust the handle height to any position for comfortable use in seconds, swing the handle to the other side and with the flip of a switch, reverse rotation and go the other direction.

This curb roller tool is designed so that you don’t have to change the way you form curb and gutter now. Stakes can be protruding above the forms. The back of the Curb Roller is only 1/2 an inch wide, so that you will be able to go around 1/2″ Masonite for large radius jobs.
Curb Shaper will change the way you form curb and gutter while delivering the same quality results you want to see. Call us today to try it.

Thank You,
Doug Weber

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