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Curb Shaping

Scan0001Curb Shaper is a curbing machine that gives concrete workers a brand new way to shape a concrete curb and gutter or a monolithic pour.

Our curb shaper equipment takes out all the labor of being bent over shaping curb by hand and gives you a perfect concrete curbing shape every time. This tool has several adjustments and can be set up for different jobs in a matter of minutes.

This curb shaper tool is designed so that you don’t have to change the way you form curb and gutter now. It has adjustments to vary the width of the curb to match other existing curbs or set the widths you desire. You can adjust the handle height to any position for comfortable use in seconds. Then just swing the handle to the other side and with the flip of a switch, reverse rotation and go the other direction.

Watch our video to see how Curb Shaper makes it easy!

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